A young girl uses secateurs to cut lavender
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What Happens To Your Lavender Plant If You Skip Pruning
If you skip regular pruning, your lavender plant can become woody, overgrown, and lose its shape, leading to a decline in the plant’s
overall health.
The absence of pruning puts more stress on the plant, especially when new roots are growing, due to an increased demand for water.
Your unpruned plant may not stimulate new growth or produce vibrant blooms. It can also split open at the center, a common problem with older lavender plants.
Lastly, without pruning, lavender plants may lose their natural balance, making them more vulnerable to diseases and increasing
the risk of uprooting
during stormy weather.
Thus, diligently removing the dead or dying parts of your lavender plant is crucial to halt the spread of disease, deter pests, and promote
its health and longevity.