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What Happens When You Put Meat Down A Garbage Disposal
Garbage disposals have become a common household utility that make cleaning up a breeze, but foods like coffee grounds, onion skins, starchy foods (oatmeal), and stringy foods (celery) could damage your equipment. Additionally, many are unsure if meat is safe for your garbage disposal, so here’s what the reality is.
Tiny pieces of meat should be fine, but large pieces can easily get stuck on the sides of your pipes and blades, malfunctioning and clogging your unit while creating a terrible odor. Small bones can be considered safe because they should easily break down, but it might be better not to risk the damage to your disposal.
You should clean your disposal every two weeks to keep it running smoothly, and an easy way to do so is to pour baking soda and vinegar in your disposal, wait 15 minutes, and then turn it on while running hot water. You could also pour ice and vinegar down it to knock out any loose items, and to give your disposal a clean scent, try adding citrus peels.