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What Is A Juliet Balcony?
A Juliet balcony is a narrow outdoor balcony with only a few inches of space on the outside at most. While it might come as a surprise, this small space has some benefits, as it is a cost-efficient way of beautifying a building and bringing a lot of light and fresh air into a room.
More Pros, And Cons
Juliet balconies can sometimes be too small to stand on or even put plants on, but they do make homes with French doors or a large window safer for animals and children, acting as a railing. Another benefit of Juliet balconies is that if you don’t have room for a full balcony, you can still consider one.
One way to use the room you have is to cultivate hanging or climbing plants, which work well in a small area (and the balcony railing will help), or to grow an herb garden. Some Juliet balconies have room for a small table and a few chairs, or can even be used for bike storage.
Juliet balconies come in three different styles. The traditional Juliet balcony has wrought iron railings formed into different shapes and designs, the modern traditional Juliet balcony replaces the iron railings with stainless steel, and the modern Juliet balcony uses glass panels instead of railings.