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What Is Modern Farmhouse Style?
Designer Anna Beeber describes the modern farmhouse as “a celebration of the historic form, updated with interiors that embrace a contemporary design perspective.” If you love the classic farmhouse style but still want your home to be practical, then the modern farmhouse is for you.
White is a common color used in modern farmhouses, because it’s “reminiscent of the whitewash commonly used in traditional farmhouses,” according to Vevano Homes’ Director of Design Martha McNamara. Modern farmhouses often have 19th-century farmstead furnishings, but they don’t actually have to be vintage; there are plenty of furniture options that fit this aesthetic.
The key difference between a classic and modern farmhouse is that the latter has a much more minimalistic look that’s in line with contemporary interior decorating, whereas a classic farmhouse leans towards a literal farmhouse with faux rustic accessories and shiplap walls. Restaurants began adapting the modern farmhouse trend in 2000s, and homes soon followed suit.
Designer Emma Sims-Hilditch says, “Modern farmhouse style is all about creating a cozy interior with layers, pattern, and color,” so she suggests that you “open up ceilings to expose the rafters” and add “materials such as limewashed timber cladding to walls.” Modern farmhouse interior décor often has many patterned fabrics, natural textures like wood, and a neutral color palette.