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What Is The Lagom Interior Design Trend?
Lagom Sustainability
Lagom is a Swedish word that translates loosely to "just the right amount." Sustainability is a central tenet of a lagom lifestyle, so any interior decoration in the lagom style needs to incorporate sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials, especially wood.
How To Lagom
Lagom is about more than appearance or whether you choose a wooden item over a plastic one. Instead, lagom is a lifestyle choice that focuses on balance, functionality, and sustainability, such as incorporating spaces for exercise, restful sleep, and other keys to a healthy, balanced life.
The Lagom Space
The essence of lagom is functionality and practicality, so a home or a room decorated in the lagom style would emphasize simplicity and strategic choices. For example, you could put a sofa or a desk near a window to save on electricity and take advantage of natural light.
Lagom Tips
Designing with a lagom aesthetic in mind will involve more decluttering and eliminating unnecessary items than selecting new pieces. In fact, purchasing new items with the idea of making your space more in line with lagom ideals would actually be the opposite of the lagom philosophy.
Lagom Happiness
Lagom means being happy with what you have, and all in all, the best way for your home to exemplify the lagom lifestyle is for you to make the most out of the space and the furniture you already have. Make sure that anything you add to your home has been previously owned and loved.