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What It Could Mean If Your Toilet Is Wobbling
Often, a wobbling toilet indicates loose bolts or an issue with your overall fastening of the toilet to the underlying plumbing. You can fix most wobbling issues by tightening the bolts to securely fasten the toilet to the floor, but if this doesn’t solve your problem, you'll need to move on to the second leading cause of a toilet wobble: An ill-fitting or failed seal underneath the bowl.
SF Gate suggests that the wax seal connecting your toilet to the plumbing beneath it can be improperly installed or fail over time. Alternatively, the floor can settle over the years, leading to a single flush toilet resting higher than it should — even with properly fastened bolts.
If you remove the toilet bowl from the floor only to find a wax seal that remains intact, then you may be looking at a much more pervasive issue. SF Gate reports that a water leak from your sink, shower, toilet, or elsewhere in the home can erode the subfloor's integrity.
If you have to fix a rot in your subfloor, it is probably best to call a contractor. Although it's certainly possible to take on this project yourself, it's important to be prepared for the worst when it comes to the scope of the damage.