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What It Means When Lumber Is Marked Purple At Home Depot
At Home Depot, lumber marked with purple paint means it's on sale, which happens when the lumber team culls old, ugly, or unwanted products. These wood products are just as structurally useful as the lumber remaining on the floor, yet the massive scale of wood stocks means that unsold units end up commanding a large portion of shelf space if left unchecked.
The Krazy Coupon Lady reports on the value that clearance lumber can provide, listing this feature of the Home Depot sales floor as one of the most important cost-saving opportunities out there. Lumber that has been painted purple is marked down by 70%, but Masshole Mommy reports that some locations reduce these items by as much as 80%.
Shopping for clearance sales offers steep price reductions on many of the items you may be in the market for, and lumber is no different. In fact, Reddit users have even reported that Home Depot employees have given them sections of purple-marked lumber for free.