Disease of hydrangea due to frozen winter close up
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What It Means When The Leaves Of Your Hydrangea Plant Are Browning
Anything from shifts in water availability, soil quality, nutrient deficiency, and invading pests or diseases can impair a hydrangea's health and cause browning of leaves.
Firstly, overwatering hydrangea may lead to a condition called Cercospora leaf spot, which causes the leaf to turn brown and eventually fall off.
The common mistake of underwatering also often results in dehydrating hydrangea, which leads to wilting and once-lively green leaves turning a dull shade of brown.
Since hydrangeas require a balanced diet of nutrients to thrive, a lack or excess of specific nutrients in the soil can create health issues like leaf browning.
Sometimes, pests like aphids, tiny insects that feed on plant sap, can cause the leaves to brown and curl. Other times, fungal diseases like powdery mildew can also be the culprit.