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What It Means When Your House Is Dusty Even After Cleaning It
If your home is always dusty even with regular cleaning, then the dust is getting into your home somehow. One common culprit is your air conditioning, and another is your carpets.
The first place you should check is the HVAC filter in your air conditioning unit, according to Home Comfort USA, as it’s responsible for preventing dust from entering your home.
If it gets clogged, it can’t block dust, so you must change it every 90 days if you have no pets, every 60 days if you have pets, and every 30 days if you have allergies or asthma.
Also ensure your ductwork isn't leaking, as this can cause the system to suck in dusty air and blow it through the air vents. Call a professional to check if this is the problem.
A carpet attracts dust, dead skin, or dust mites, and vacuuming isn’t always enough, according to Sams Carpet Cleaning Service, so it may need to be professionally steam cleaned.
Modernistic advises small families with no pets to steam clean their carpet once a year and larger families with pets to steam clean their carpet two to four times a year.