Ice maker dispensing ice into a glass.
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What It Means When Your Ice Maker Stops Working (And How To Fix It)
If you find yourself dealing with a malfunctioning ice maker, you can typically trace it to an external problem with the water supply, a blockage, or an internal mechanical issue.
If your ice maker has stopped working, check the chute for any accidental obstructions, like bags of frozen peas or giant blocks of ice, and remove them.
Another issue is a frozen or stuck ice maker arm, which tells the ice maker that the bin is full. If it gets stuck in the OFF position, your ice maker won’t make any ice.
Furthermore, if the water supply line that provides fresh water to your refrigerator's ice maker is kinked or frozen, you can fix this by unkinking it or defrosting
your freezer.
If the previous fixes yield no ice, do a forced reset using the reset button in the freezer compartment near the ice maker or reset it manually by unplugging the refrigerator.
Unplug your refrigerator for five minutes, which allows the system that controls the ice machine to reset. Plug it back in and, if your freezer has its own switch, turn it on.
This manual reset should start your ice machine back up, but if your ice maker still doesn’t make and dispense ice, consider calling the professionals.