Closed up woman hand holding empty plastic container under the ice maker of silver refrigerator.
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What It Means When Your Refrigerator Water Isn't Cold
There are various reasons why the water coming out of your refrigerator dispenser is tepid at best; however, in most cases, you might not need an expert to fix it.
Begin by checking the inventory of your fridge. A barren fridge has to work twice as hard to maintain its temperature and can affect the very water it’s supposed to cool.
Additionally, if the dispenser has been sitting idle for a while, the water inside can warm up to room temperature, as it sits unused in the tubing or reservoir.
It is also important to make sure you haven’t unintentionally connected your fridge to a hot water supply or depleted the fridge’s limited reservoir.
Lastly, if the water from the fridge dispenser becomes warm after changing the filter, it could be due to overcrowding the space behind the fridge, restricting proper ventilation.