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What It Really Means When Your Floors Squeak
If you’re looking to get to the bottom of your home’s squeaky floor problems, Realtor.com suggests grabbing a friend to help investigate. The job is more manageable if someone can check from the basement while the other person can tend to the floor.
If you’re hearing squeaking in your floorboards, the most likely culprit is weather changes, which can lead to friction. Environmental issues could also be at play, and there is of course always the possibility that the floorboards are experiencing “deflection,” or chafing, likely due to humidity or faulty installation.
To fix a squeaking floor, put some wood glue on a shim and wedge it between the plywood and the joist to fill out the extra space. You can sprinkle powder graphite into the seams of the floorboards to get rid of squeaking floors, but you can also use items you have in your bathroom or kitchen, including baby powder or baking soda.