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What John Travolta's Florida Estate Really Looks Like
Located in a residential airpark, John Travolta's Jumbolair Aviation Estate stretches nearly 7,000 sq. ft. and includes a 7,500-foot runway extending to Travolta's backdoor.
Travolta's exterior reveals a functioning airport with two designated parking bays for his Gulfstream jets, and the front exterior exudes a corporate appearance.
The home's thick concrete structure is white throughout, with Grecian-like columns and an array of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, mostly found on the backside of the home.
The backyard has a slide, an open patio space, and a dance floor decorated with stonework flooring adjacent to a cabana with a bar resembling a vintage airport lounge.
With crisp, clean designs throughout, Travolta's home also boasts several balconies visible on the backside of the house.
Travolta's interior is like stepping into the Pan Am era of the 1960s. The entrance hall floor has a nautical compass image centered and a display of various airplane models.
With custom hardwood floors and recessed lighting, the home's interior encapsulates aeronautics through the artwork, such as a 1937 mural of a family waiting at the airport.
There are two main kitchens. One features an open concept with floating wood shelves, white walls with a yellow divider wall, and gray countertops with handless cabinetry.
Travolta's master bedroom is a homey and serene escape with elegant crème-colored drapery fabric by Pindler and Pindler, brown wood cabinetry, and rose gold-colored carpeting.
It's elegant and modern with translucent shower tiles, a floating double sink, marble flooring, and a framed "Pulp Fiction" poster on the wall.
There's also a large guest house and bed and breakfast quarters where pilots and guests can stay to recuperate.