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What Not To Do When Using A Weed Whacker To Tidy Up Your Lawn
A major weed whacker mistake that can damage your lawn is holding the machine head incorrectly, which creates a risk of cutting into the grass and causing permanent scarring.
If your model has a shoulder strap, put it on for better control, and as most models have a U-shaped handle, put your right hand on the front handle and your left on the rear one.
Continually hold the head vertically and start with the lowest setting, paying close attention to obstacles. Begin with the lawn edges until you feel comfortable with the device.
Always be aware of the direction you cut. The trimmer usually spins counter-clockwise, ejecting the materials from the left and cutting best from the opposite side.
It’s best to position yourself so that the right side of your body is closest to the work at hand when weed-whacking up a hill or along a curb, low fence, or walkway.
Doing so will position the machine head correctly, ensuring it doesn't eject the material into the cut path, where it can gather and bog down the trimmer or even scalp your grass.
Wear eye protection while using the machine, as you'll likely come across a rock, sticks, or something that could fling up and hit you in the face or, worse, an eye.
You should also wear safety gear and keep an eye on the state of the string. Don't neglect to pay close attention to its condition, and replace it if it becomes frayed or damaged.