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What Paint Sheens Are Best To Use On Bathroom Cabinets?
Due to the moisture produced by the shower, bathrooms tend to be more humid. That’s why you should opt for moisture-resistant, high-gloss sheens when painting bathroom cabinets.
The glossy layer creates a protective seal that makes it difficult for moisture to get between the paint layers, preventing the paint from peeling and bubbling off of the cabinets.
Additionally, because of its ability to keep moisture out, high gloss can prevent the growth of mold and mildew. A satin sheen gloss level is the lowest level you should use.
The high gloss also creates a protection that stands up to knicks and scratches in the paint, potentially caused by wear and tear from heavy traffic in the bathroom.
Glossy finishes can keep shampoo, water, and other splashes from seeping deep into the paint, which makes them easier to clean and wipe down without staining.
Moreover, a glossy finish will act like a mirror and bounce natural or artificial light around the room, helping your space appear brighter and larger than it is.