Close up view of snowy synthetic plastic rattan and glass garden furniture on cold winter day. Garden furniture maintenance concept.
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What Really Happens If You Don't Shovel Snow Off Your Deck
The arrival of winter brings joy but also the daunting task of shoveling snow, raising the question of whether your deck needs immediate attention.
Sturdy decks, especially composite and maintenance-free ones, are designed to handle snow with efficient drainage, often eliminating the need for shoveling.
Well-maintained wood decks can handle snow, but if a water-resistant seal has been added before snowfall, you may be able to let the sun do the melting rather than use a shovel.
Shoveling becomes necessary when snow accumulates to the height of the deck railing (about three feet), creating blocked emergency exits, safety risks, and structural pressure.
Leaving snow on your deck for extended periods can trap moisture and create icy patches, making enjoying your outdoor space more treacherous if snow and ice persist for days.