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What The Corsi-Rosenthal Cube Can Do For The Quality Of Your Air
The Corsi-Rosenthal Cube isn't a futuristic gadget but a DIY air purifier gaining attention. Invented by Corsi and Rosenthal, it's praised for simplicity and efficiency.
Research from UC Davis shows Corsi-Rosenthal Cubes outperform HEPA filters, offering improved air quality for $100 and an hour of effort at home.
With four MERV 13 filters and a box fan, the cube draws air inward, capturing bacteria particles. The cleaned air is recirculated into the room at an impressive delivery rate.
Creating a Corsi-Rosenthal Cube is simple and cost-effective. Arrange the four filters with arrows inward, forming a square, and secure the corners with duct tape.
Attach cardboard to one of the open ends, ensuring no corner gaps, and then add the box fan to complete the cube. The fan should blow air out, creating an effective airflow.