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What This Cast Iron Structure Outside Of An Old Home Was Used For
Cast iron boot scrapers, once ubiquitous, now signify a piece of history. Common through the 17th and 18th centuries, they adorned entryways to keep mud out of the house.
Some had two short ornate poles with a blunt blade, bolted to a cobblestone, while others were wall-mounted, with a concave metal half-round frame and a blade across the bottom.
While less essential now, boot scrapers still possess decorative charm. You can buy them from interior stores, big box retailers, or local antique dealers, depending on your budget.
When installing it, consider safe placement to avoid accidents, if you intend to use the boot scraper regularly. Attach it to a sturdy base, such as marble, to ensure durability.
While cast iron is durable, if your boot scraper isn’t sheltered from the weather, it may start to rust. Clean it regularly to maintain its functionality and decorative appeal.