A hummingbird suspended in air by a feeder
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What Time Of Year Is It Best To Put Hummingbird Feeders Outside?
The best time of year to set out your hummingbird feeder will vary based on factors such as climate and the species of local hummingbirds, but March is usually a safe bet.
In the Southeastern states, the warmer climate allows some hummingbirds to stay all winter long, but you can still take the feeder down and put it back up in early March.
If you live in the Northeastern states, you can wait until late March or early April to have your feeder ready. In the Western U.S., it’s best to put it out in early March.
Hummingbirds have great memories and will return to a feeder that they've visited the year prior, so it's important to put yours out a couple of weeks earlier than they arrive.