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What To Consider Before Buying Milwaukee Rolling Tool Boxes
A variety of tool boxes exist to keep your equipment safe in transit. Among them, Milwaukee’s modular rolling system’s tough material and versatility sets it apart from the rest.
One of the biggest benefits of Milwaukee’s system is its tough construction. With waterproof seals and dust-tight casing, your tools will be protected against
pretty much anything.
The versatile product can be used in either the horizontal or vertical orientation, and its various compartments can be customized into a layout that makes the most sense for you.
One major drawback, however, is its price compared to other rolling boxes. While the basic setup costs $139, buying the additional compartments will rack up an even larger bill.
Users also note that accessing tools in the bottom box of
the stack can be difficult, depending on the configuration, and you may waste money on buying compartments you don’t need.