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What To Consider Before Buying Walmart's Viral Dining Table
The Better Homes & Gardens Bryant dining table, available at Walmart for around $230, has caught the eye of many, thanks to its affordability, stylish design, and sturdy build.
Its durability and ease of cleaning have earned it high praise on TikTok. The table can comfortably seat six and is an attractive option for those seeking quality on a budget.
However, buyers should proceed with caution due to consistent reports of inadequate packaging, leading to the table arriving with damage, including cracks, dents, or missing parts.
This issue is compounded by the challenges customers face when dealing with customer service for replacements, refunds, or even just the missing pieces necessary for assembly.
These concerns underscore a notable risk for purchasers of this otherwise commendable table, as the delivery process and after-sales support may not live up to expectations.