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What To Consider Before Choosing
Paint For Your Vinyl Siding
Several paint manufacturers make products specifically designed for painting vinyl siding. If a product doesn't indicate that it's vinyl-safe, it could damage your
vinyl siding.
The product you select for vinyl siding should be acrylic paint because it is durable, adheres well to the vinyl surface, and reduces the chance of mildew and mold growth.
It's also not as heavy as other paints and likely won't weigh down the siding or drip and run while applying, which usually happens with low-quality paints not designed for vinyl.
Look closely at the product labels before buying. Most paint for vinyl will require the application of a primer, but some products combine paint and primer in a single package.
These products, like the Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex, save you time and money, as a single coat applied to clean siding can give you the desired results.
The Sherwin-Williams product line also features Advanced Resin Technology, which the company designed to provide adhesion to the surface of the existing paint on your siding.
The product has fade resistance that makes your chosen color less likely to lose its brightness quickly from weather exposure. It's also unlikely to blister.
Lastly, you should opt for satin sheen, as its toned-down reflective qualities and ability to hide dings and dents make it an ideal option. Its shine also makes it easier to clean.