A male red cardinal bird just lands on a backyard bird feeder
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What To Consider Before Hanging A Bird Feeder In Your Yard
Birds are precious and sensitive creatures, and the location of your feeder could be scaring them away. To solve this problem, you just need to understand them a bit better.
Place your bird feeder in a location that fits the bird's natural preferences — for example, a Suet feeder for a woodpecker should be situated in a tree.
The same goes for birds that feed on the ground. You want to be placing the feeder lower to the ground somewhere, near bushes or shrubs.
You also want your bird feeder somewhere quiet and undisturbed, away from as many noisemakers as possible and close to a shelter for any scenario where birds must retreat.
Don’t hide the feeder, though. Great spots include a spacious area where they can get a good view of the feeder flying by while being able to scout for predators.
Finally, don't grow any plants that are toxic to birds or use any pesticides near the area, as both may make your birds sick and prevent them from returning to the feeder.