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What To Consider Before Installing A Sauna In
Your Home
Sauna fans are quick to rave about the benefits of these low-humidity rooms, so it's no surprise that people have begun thinking about adding them to their homes. However, there are pros and cons you’ll want to consider before installing one.
Pro: Convenience
The best reason to have one in your home is exclusive access. Installing a sauna in your home ensures that it will meet your needs and hygiene standards, guarantees privacy, and saves you the commute.
Pro: Health Benefits
Saunas improve circulation and heart health, but be mindful to limit time in the sauna as over usage can increase the risk of high blood pressure. Additionally, the health benefits could make its presence more attractive to a home buyer when it comes time to sell.
Con: The Expense
Forbes estimates that installing a home sauna will set you back an average of $4,500, and that's just the start. Sauna Helper further estimates that it can cost an average of 31 cents an hour to run an electric-powered sauna, while maintenance, cleaning, and repairs can cost about $450 a year.
Con: Home Damage
Saunas can be costly in other ways because having steam saunas also involves the added risk of increasing the moisture levels around your house. Increased moisture levels can lead to mold and mildew, particularly if the steam emitted by the sauna is somehow trapped in your home.