Rake with fallen leaves flying around.
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What To Consider Before Mulching
Fallen Leaves This Fall
Mulching leaves can help add nutrients back into the grass, but if you live in an area with a wet autumn, the leaves may become too damp for your lawn mower to grab or chop.
This can leave too many large chunks behind, which may smother the grass over the winter. However, using the right mower blade for mulching leaves can help resolve the issue.
If your mower has a flat blade, purchase a kit to replace it with a curved one to make it more efficient. You can expect to pay around $40 for one of these kits.
If the problem still persists, consider using a rake to spread the leaves over a greater distance before running the mower over the grass again.
Make sure to clear the grass of toys, pine needles, or any other items that can damage your mower or the quality of your soil during the mulching process.