White kitchen cabinets
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What To Consider Before Painting Your Oak Cabinets White
Some say painting oak cabinets is a sacrilege; some think it raises a home’s value. Wood fans argue that white is boring, but paint fans say wood makes buyers see an overhaul job.
One drawback is that oak has a deep grain pattern, so when painted, the grain shows through. It can be filled, but it’s labor-intensive and still won’t result in smooth cabinets.
Additionally, if not well prepped, painted oak could get chipped and scratched, and if too much moisture is absorbed during painting, it could lead to warping
or cracking.
White can look too stark, reveal a bad undertone, or show dirt and grain marks (creamy whites hide dirt better). Once painted, it’s hard work to strip and re-stain oak, though.
However, if you really want a white kitchen, stained oak cabinets won’t make you happy. Additionally, some like the oak grain showing through, as they feel it has more character.
Installing new cabinets can be costly, but refinishing oak cabinets is cheaper and faster. Hiring a professional can help you avoid a poor paint job and a disappointing end result.
Whichever you choose, do it to your own taste, not for resale value (unless you’re selling). You spend so much time in the kitchen, so it only matters how you and your family feel.