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What To Consider Before Splurging On A Robot Lawn Mower
Though a robot lawn mower is a costly investment, it helps reduce the amount of time you may spend on your lawn's upkeep as much of the mowing process becomes automated.
It’s a perfect option if you’re too busy to mow the lawn on a regular basis. Additionally, a robot lawn mower may also prove beneficial for your grass.
According to Scott Porteous, robotics product manager at Husqvarna, “the robotic mowing style of frequently cutting small amounts of grass is healthier for your lawn.”
Instead of waiting for the grass to grow tall before cutting it, which is usually the case with manual mowing, frequent mowing will keep your lawn healthier and more fertilized.
While you may have to take maintenance costs into account for a robotic lawn mower, the convenience it provides as opposed to manual mowing makes the investment worth it.