Worker, coating floor with self-leveling epoxy resin in industrial workshop.
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What To Consider Before Trying The Epoxy Garage Floor DIY
Since epoxy coatings are simply painted on, it’s tempting to forgo professional help. However, before DIYing the project, consider how much time, money, and energy it will take.
The cost of DIYing the flooring is around $2,000, while it can take up to $3,400 for expert installation. If you install it yourself, you have more control over customization.
On the flip side, you have to buy the right supplies for the job. While some kits come with the necessary tools, you may need a concrete grinder if your floor is seriously damaged.
Mistakes can also be fatal to your application. The smallest amount of debris or oil can prevent the epoxy from bonding, and not mixing the products fully can lead to blistering.
As such, a DIY job requires a lot of time and attention to detail, so unless you are handy and patient enough to tackle the process yourself, it is best left to the experts.