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What To Consider When Choosing Between French And Sliding Doors
French doors are glass double doors that open from the center, allowing for a wide open doorway, where the doors can swing either inward or outward.
These lightweight doors come in a wide range of color, material, handle, and window style options. They do, however, stand up poorly against wind and snow.
French doors can easily damage if they swing back improperly. They also take up more space when open, which is where a sliding door may be more convenient.
Sliding doors open and close horizontally on a track. They can be made with single or multiple-pane glass, so you’ll be able to see through the doors without any obstruction.
Your space will feel larger since the door’s lack of frame provides maximum light exposure. This cheaper option also withstands wind and snow and gives your home a modern look.
This does, however, mean that your design options are limited. Handles have to be a specific type, and the door itself is less energy efficient since it’s made of glass.