Bird nest with four eggs inside
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What To Do If Birds Are Nesting In Your Dryer Vent
A dryer vent is an attractive nesting space for birds because it’s a warm, hidden portal, but a nest in there could create a ventilation problem and a potential fire hazard.
While it’s important to address this issue sooner rather than later, you have to consider what's safe, humane, and legal as you plan to remove the nest.
To avoid breaking the law by moving an occupied nest, remove the vent cover to see if the nest is empty. You can also use a flashlight to help check if the nest is being used.
Wear gloves while moving an abandoned nest to protect yourself from any bird-carrying parasites or diseases. If it’s hard to fit your hands in there, use kitchen tongs to help you.
Place the nest close by, in a bush or tree, to provide the birds the option to reuse the nest, and use a handheld vacuum to clean the vent before replacing the cover.