A scorpion crawling inside home
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What To Do If You Find A Scorpion Crawling Around Your House
If you've little to no experience dealing with scorpions, stay calm and call a professional pest control service, as mishandling these arachnids may lead
to dangerous results.
Provide pest control service with as many details as possible, including the scorpion's color, size, and area of invasion, so that they can plan an appropriate course of action.
If possible, safely capture a photo of the intruder to further assist experts
in making precise identification, facilitating a more targeted treatment.
If you've dealt with scorpions before and want to try again, grab a sturdy broom, a deep container or dustpan, and a pair of cut-proof gloves.
Approach the scorpion cautiously, sweep it into the container, and release it outside. The goal is to avoid direct contact with the creature, minimizing the risk of getting stung.
If the scorpion disappears
from your view during the eradication, you can use a
UV light, which makes the creatures glow due to a substance in their exoskeleton.