Potted tomato plants with fruits in the ripening process
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What To
Do If You
Overwater Your
Tomato Plant
If you spot them early on, an overwatered tomato can be rescued by simply pausing watering until the soil dries, though the potted version of the plant may require more effort.
First, remove the plant from the pot, keeping the root intact before shaking off damp soil. Then, place the plant on a stack of newspapers and let it sit for at least a few hours.
As the excess water is drained and absorbed by the papers, check if the roots are dark brown, black, slimy, rotted, or contain mold, and snip off these affected areas with shears.
Replace the original soil from the container with fresh, dry mix, and repot the plant. Repeat the same process to fix overwatered tomato plants growing
in your garden, too.
However, replant in a dry location deep enough for the tomato plant's roots to spread out. Keep plants 18-24 inches apart in the same row and wait a few days before watering.