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What To Do If Your Basil Plant Starts Flowering
Flowering is part of the last stage in a basil plant’s life cycle and indicates that it will soon stop producing leaves, which makes them taste bitter and less appetizing.
Along with these inedible leaves, flowering means that cuttings from your basil plant can no longer be used for propagation.
When you notice these blooms forming on your plant, you have two options: leave them be and allow the natural process to continue, or intervene to extend your basil plant’s growth.
If you want to delay the reproductive process, remove flowers from your basil plant as soon as you see them. Keep a closer eye out for them in the middle and late summer months.
Any flowers you pick don’t have to go to waste, either. The florals make great garnishes and beautiful vase flowers or can be used to make edible oils, vinegar, and tea.