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What To Do If Your Home Is Right Next To Your Neighbor's House
Just because there isn’t much space separating your property from your neighbor’s, it doesn’t mean you only have to resort to blinds, shades, or six-feet tall fences to maintain some privacy. Here are some ways that can keep prying eyes away while getting natural sunlight inside your home and enjoying a backyard garden.
To maintain privacy indoors while still getting sunlight, you can use indoor room dividers or hang house plants from your windows. Lightly tinted windows can also obscure the inside of your home from the outside, while the outside world can still clearly be viewed from the inside.
For privacy in your backyard, tall hedges or a garden trellis can be used as alternate options to a tall fence. If using a trellis as an extension of your garden and to hide portions of your backyard from view, clematis and trumpet vine are great options.