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What To Do When Traps Are A Last Resort To Control Pests In The Garden
You may need to use large traps to relocate large garden pests. If you use the traps correctly, you can relocate the animals safely while still allowing your garden to blossom.
To use a trap safely, start by purchasing a live trap suitable for the animal you’re capturing. Place its favorite food in the trap as bait and set it near your garden.
Check the trap every few hours; once caught, the animal should be released as soon as possible. Contact animal control to find the best place to release it.
Wearing gloves and long sleeves, place a towel over the trap and hold it away from your body when transporting it. Remove the towel, open the cage door, and let the animal exit.
Keep in mind that live traps are a last resort and should only be used once you exhaust all the other options at your disposal, including DIY deterrents.