A glowing island in a bright kitchen
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What To Know About The Viral Glowing Kitchen Countertop Trend
Glowing countertops have recently gained popularity through TikTok. These can transform a space into a tranquil, comforting environment, and can match many styles and aesthetics.
One way to obtain a glowing countertop is to have a backlit countertop, which uses LED panels, strips, or even Light Tape under translucent materials like glass or natural stone.
The countertop can also be built with glow sand or glow rocks mixed in. Another choice is LumiStone, a material that can be lit by both natural and artificial light.
To get your countertop to work for you, opt for more neutrals in the space to nail that ambient lighting and tone down on other features so the countertops can (literally) shine.
Installing a glowing countertop may be costly depending on the types of materials and lighting you want, plus installation costs, which are often necessary for backlit countertops.
While it is possible to set up your backlit kitchen counter yourself, a lot of DIY experience is needed for this, especially since some wiring work is required.