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What To Know About Using Hedge Apples To Deter Pests
Some homeowners swear the hedge apple is an effective deterrent against common pests, like cockroaches, but experts believe the fruit is rooted in folk remedies versus in science.
Hedge apples are distinctive, with a bumpy, green surface and a sizable diameter. Most wildlife find them unappealing, which suggests a degree of natural bug repellent properties.
Research, however, suggests that not all insects are equally repelled by hedge apples, and the fruit might not deter non-insect pests like spiders, millipedes, and centipedes.
Plus, the milky sap that comes from hedge apples can be an irritant to human skin. This, combined with their large size and odor, makes them a less practical form of pest control.
An alternative natural repellant is diatomaceous earth powder or natural essential oils. Spread the powder around your entry points, or use repelling essential oils in diffusers.