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What To Know Before Installing A Glacier Bay Toilet In Your Bathroom
If you’re considering installing a Glacier Bay toilet, you may find it helpful to know what other homeowners’ experiences have been with the brand before you decide to buy one.
The Glacier Bay range of toilets, which is only available from Home Depot, includes a wide variety of elongated and round toilets with both single and dual flush options.
Many reviewers like that Glacier Bay toilets are easy to install, making them an ideal DIY option for homeowners without the tools or expertise to handle complicated installations.
The toilets’ water-saving feature is also appreciated. One Glacier Bay dual-flush toilet uses just 1.6 gallons of water to flush solid waste and 1.1 gallons for non-solid waste.
The relatively lower price of Glacier Bay toilets is another significant factor for many customers. Some TikTok users even insist they’re the best affordable option available.
On the downside, Glacier Bay toilets are not known to be of the best quality relative to higher-priced options, with many customers claiming they’re not as strong or long-lasting.
Another drawback that customers have encountered is that Glacier Bay toilets have a tendency to leak. While the problem is fixable, not every homeowner is willing to deal with it.