Corian kitchen counter next to sink
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What To Know Before Installing Corian Countertops In Your Home
Although Corian countertops might save you some money initially, their susceptibility to damage, need for regular maintenance, and lack of resale value make them a poor investment.
Even with diligent care, Corian countertops are highly susceptible to scratches, hairline cracks, burns or discoloration caused by heat, liquid stains, and mold or mildew growth.
While this damage can be fixed by sanding and buffing the surface, the costs incurred can be substantial. Plus, Corian requires regular re-polishing to uphold its appearance.
To clean, you must use specifically formulated soaps and soft cloths to prevent it from developing a patina and rebuff the surface using non-abrasive cleaners to prolong its shine.
Furthermore, Corian’s price point rivals those of natural stones like quartz and marble while lacking the resale value that makes those other counter options a viable investment.