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What To Know Before Trying Out DIY Roach Killer Traps In Your Home
Before using common DIY roach killer traps, you need to be aware of their benefits and limitations. While they’re safer than insecticides, they don’t all work as you might expect.
A DIY duct tape trap attracts roaches with bait, and they get stuck on the sticky surface. A jar trap attracts them with bait and traps them in the petroleum jelly lining the jar.
While these roach killer traps are useful, they kill only a few roaches at a time. You may need to combine them with other methods, like using boric acid or diatomaceous earth.
However, these substances can be toxic to pets and children and often only repel — not kill — roaches. You must use DIY methods correctly for them to be safe and effective.
Roach traps are only a temporary solution that’s inadequate to deal with large-scale infestations. In such a case, you’d need to use pesticides or call in the pest control experts.