Snake slithering through grass
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What To Know Before Using Lavender To Deter Snakes From Your Garden
Lavender is known as a natural bug repellent, effective in warding off mosquitoes and moths. However, it might not be the best choice for deterring snakes from your garden.
There’s no conclusive research that supports lavender’s effectiveness against snakes, and since lavender is a high-maintenance plant, exploring other options might be best.
Marigolds are proven to be better plants for repelling reptiles. They create an environment that makes snakes unable to breathe easily, due to a compound called pyrethroids.
You can also add plants that are unappealing to rodents and slugs to cut off the snakes food supply. Plus, keep up with regular garden maintenance to eliminate any hiding places.
All in all, an integrated approach of combining plants, maintenance, and even commercial products, will likely be your most effective strategy for keeping snakes from your garden.