A woman wearing gloves wiping a microwave oven.
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What To Know Before Using Spray Cleaner To Clean Your Microwave
Spray cleaners like Windex usually contain harsh chemicals that can leach into your food, so to use them safely in your microwave, you must properly rinse it with water afterward.
To stay on the safe side, always read the label before spraying a cleaner into the microwave, and make sure to run a damp rag across to ensure no chemicals are left behind.
Spray your product on a paper towel, sponge, or cloth, rather than directly on the microwave, and use it to wipe away any food splatter or stains.
Once your microwave’s interior is clean, take a damp (not soaking) sponge and wipe down the sides, roof, glass tray, and inside of the door.
This quick rinse helps minimize the risk of any lingering chemicals from the product coming into contact with your lungs or food heated in the microwave.
Finally, wipe the interior surfaces to remove excess moisture to prevent potential damage and prohibit the growth of mold or bacteria.