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What You Didn't Know About Using Swiffer
Mop Pads
You may have been putting the Swiffer mop pad on wrong all along, creating an awkward, drippy mess as you plop the wet Swiffer cloth on the floor or the counter next to the sink.
Instead, open the box of wet pads on the floor, keeping the pads inside the container, and hang the excess cloth that you tuck on the mop over the box on both sides.
Place the mop on top of the cloth and tuck all four corners into the mop's grips. Alternatively, put the lid upside down on the floor, center an open cloth, and proceed as above.
Wet Swiffers are best for typical kitchen and bathroom floors, and other floor surfaces, as long as they're finished, but it's better to avoid using them on marble or porcelain.