High dynamic range image of the MacArthur Bridge (once known as the Belle Isle Bridge) at sunset over the Detroit River in Detroit, Michigan. Image taken in 2010.
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What You Need To Know About HGTV's Bargain Block
Filmed In Detroit
Neither Keith Bynum nor Evan Thomas, the two hosts of “Bargain Block,” are Detroit natives, but the show takes place solely in the city because of Thomas’ fascination with it. The two individuals moved to Detroit as a duo 5 years ago after Keith flew on a whim to the city, having heard all the great things about the booming Detroit real estate market.
Financial Costs
Both Keith and Evan spend their own money, going from block to block to buy dilapidated homes, which they then tear down just to create dream homes for people. All the magical achievements they perform for viewers come with lots of costs and budget constraints, particularly with the nastier houses they renovate.
Live In Homes
Keith and Evan live in the dilapidated sites they purchase during the renovation process so they can keep on working with no distractions or delays. That being said, this only applied to Season 1 of "Bargain Block," as Keith and Evan stopped this once Season 2 aired this year.
Only Need A Key
Most HGTV shows involve people spending large amounts of money to be on the show and get their homes renovated, and they usually don’t keep the furniture you see on reveal day. However, contestants of "Bargain Block" get the chance to keep every single customized accessory, fixture, and furniture used to enhance the home without paying extra.
Shea Whitfield
Shea Whitfield is Keith and Evan's "friend and real estate agent,” and Keith states that she “really understands Detroit's real estate market.” Bargain Block likely wouldn’t be possible without her expertise, as she guides the two hosts on which homes are best to purchase for the show.