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What You Need To Know Before Adding Cauliflower To Your Garden
Every plant has its own requirements when it comes to gardening, but cauliflower is especially fussy. It needs about 1-2 inches of water per week, but it needs it all at once.
If more than 2 inches of soil aren't wet, you’ll need to keep watering. Cauliflower also requires a lot of nutrients to grow, so you’ll have to fertilize your soil frequently.
Cauliflower isn’t forgiving of subpar soil, so you’ll want to get a soil test done to see what nutrients are missing. You also need to make sure the pH is between 6.0 and 6.8.
You have to plant cauliflower before the first fall frost, but not until the weather dips below 75 degrees. They will eventually die if the weather and timing aren’t just right.
Pests like flea beetles are also a huge problem with cauliflower, but the biggest threat are cabbage worms, which chomp away at your cauliflower leaves and can ruin the crop.
Cauliflower heads won't stay white unless you blanch them, which means tying the outer leaves over the head to protect them from the sun, or you opt for self-blanching varieties.