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What You Need To Know Before Buying Soil At Home Depot
Special Orders
Home Depot offers special quotes and custom orders if you need a lot of soil for a big project. They have bulk pricing deals and can even deliver to your home, just talk to the Pro Desk to get a quote and timeline per your needs.
Soil Types
There is a wide range of soil types with varying pH levels and soil textures. Keep in mind plants prefer to grow at pH levels between six and seven, and depending on your region, you may have acidic soil, alkaline soil, or clay-rich soil.
Potting Soil
Potting soil is one of the more popular soil options found in the indoor sections of any garden center because it is specifically formulated to help potted plant roots retain moisture. It is also sterilized, which helps prevent fungus from growing.
Garden Soil
Garden soil is a mix of compost, nutrients, minerals, organic matter, and dirt and is found in larger bags outdoors at Home Depot. Incorporate this soil by digging an appropriately-sized hole for your plant, then dig out a little extra, incorporating it into the missing space.
Topsoil is one of the cheapest options at Home Depot and is full of nutrients and minerals typically found within the first six inches of ground soil. It is often used for large-scale gardening projects, like leveling out a yard, filling in holes, and soaking up water.