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What You Should Fix Before Moving Out Of A Rented Apartment
Any changes or damages a tenant makes to a rented property may fall
on them to fix or restore, so approaching personalization in
a rented home requires great care.
Before leaving, tenants should repair any holes caused by hanging shelves or photos, as well as any damages to the home's walls, windows, floors,
or other areas.
Overt damage, such as burnt flooring, chipped countertops, and stained furniture, also falls to the tenant to fix or pay for before they leave.
Damage related to pets also falls under the tenant to fix. Replace any tarnished furniture, flooring, or other features in the home that dogs or cats have ruined.
Lastly, return any alterations to their original conditions, meaning if the tenant were to paint a mural on the bedroom wall, it will need to be painted over.