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Toggle Bolt
A ½-inch thick toggle bolt can support 100 to 105 pounds in ¾-inch thick wallboards and is a great anchor for mounting gutters, blinds, shelves, cabinets, or ceiling fans. The average toggle bolt costs around $17 and has "wings" that lock against the back of drywall for a solid hold.
Strap Toggle
The strap toggle is easy for new DIYers to use because it doesn't require screws or nails for installation. A ¼-20 inch strap toggle anchor can hold up to 80 pounds on ½-inch thick drywall, which is great for mounting TVs, and typically costs $12.
Steel Hollow
Steel hollow wall anchors can hold 44 to 110 pounds, making them the ideal choice for mounting décor, coat hangers, towel racks, and sometimes TVs. Steel hollow anchors are rust-proof, they will fasten to all hollow walls, and have an average cost of $12.
Self-drilling anchors (SDA) can be installed with a hammer and a screwdriver, so using a drilling machine isn’t necessary. The average SDA can support between 25 to 75 pounds and is recommended for hanging curtains, clocks, picture frames, murals, partitions, pantry shelving, or lamps.
Plastic Expansion
Plastic expansions only cost $10, but sometimes passing a screw through the anchor expands it beyond reusability. They can support 10 pounds on drywall and 30 pounds on concrete and can be purchased with special fittings for picture hanging kits or peg boards.