A pink peony in full bloom during the summer season
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What You Should Know About Transplanting Peonies
Peonies require careful transplanting approximately every 10 years; otherwise, they can become dreary and droopy due to a lack of sunlight from shrubs or trees.
The best time for this process is late August to early September, as the warm soil supports optimal root growth and cooler days allow the plant to retain more water.
When choosing a new location for your peonies, make sure it offers six to eight hours of sunlight daily, with plants spaced at least 3 feet apart to prevent powdery mildew buildup.
Prior to transplanting, peonies need to be divided properly, which involves carefully digging up the plant, rinsing the tuber, and splitting it if it has six or more buds.
Cut the tuber into pieces, ensuring each section has at least three buds and a strong root system. Finally, plant the new sections in large holes that allow roots to grow properly.