Old tattered leather couch
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What You Should
Know Before Painting A Leather Couch
If your leather furniture has holes, slashes, or pet damage, repair these before painting it. Don’t worry about matching the color perfectly since you’ll paint over it.
Prep The Leather
Clean your furniture with a damp cloth to remove any debris, then use a leather preparer to cut through the oil and shine. You can also rough it up with sandpaper.
Choosing Paint
When choosing your paint, pick something designed to not crack with frequent use. Specialty leather paints are best, as they're formulated with this purpose in mind.
Thin Coats
When applying your paint, work in thin layers and leave it to dry for at least an hour between coats. Thinner coats help to prevent any bubbles or cracks.
After you're satisfied with your paint, add a coat of sealant. If possible, grab an acrylic sealer from the same paint brand to get the best result possible.